The actions we take in senior living communities today will have immeasurable impact on the lives and welfare of hundreds of thousands of older Americans.


The senior living industry is caring for and protecting the nation’s most vulnerable population and desperately needs federal relief and resources due to:

Increased Staffing Costs

Senior living communities need to hire an estimated 200-300k more employees across the industry due to modified operations as a result of COVID-19.

Additional staff are needed to monitor for symptoms, implement enhanced infection control and cleaning protocols, screen employees, provide personal meal delivery, and support social distancing engagement activities.

Labor expenses have increased up to 20% across senior living.

Overtime & Hero Pay

Much like hospital staff, workers in senior living communities are heroes risking their own health and wellbeing to care for residents. Communities are supporting them with overtime and “hero” pay for their heroic work.


Like other healthcare providers, senior living communities need access to PPE for residents and staff. This will become increasingly more important as supplies begin to diminish and as states slowly begin to re-open.

Gowns, gloves, face masks, face shields, goggles, respirators, cleaning supplies – all of these items are being depleted and are needed to properly protect residents and staff.

Non-labor expenses have increased up to 103% across senior living.


Senior living communities need rapid, widespread testing in order to identify the presence of COVID-19. The information gained from testing will help to identify whether a resident or staff member is infected and what further mitigation and containment measures need to be taken. Senior living communities should remain a continued priority for testing now and in the future.

Together, testing and PPE will provide the best defense against COVID-19 in senior living communities.

Resources Are Needed Now

Our residents and staff are on the front lines of this crisis, and lives will be saved if we ensure senior living communities serving the most vulnerable populations receive the relief and resources they need.

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